What is life all about?

Seeker – Who the hell do you think you are to tell someone what life is about?

Soul – Life itself, after all. 

– The fact that you’re talking looks suspicious! 

– You ask for a long time, you ask persistently, so I answer.  

– How can I be sure it’s really you? 

– I’m behind every answer. 

– If you’re behind everything, answer my question!

– You have it right in front of your eyes.

– I don’t see anything! I’m unsure of the answers from all those people over the years. 

– Behind everything from which the human answer comes to you, seek me. Lie and the truth. Confusion and Clarity. 

– I’m asking you! 

– Whatever answer you want to find, you will find. 

– This life must have meaning after all! 

– If you really want to find the answer, you will find it. 

– I’m more confused by you than by the answers of people. 

– If you truly want, you can see me, and you will create sense of your life.