An Introduction of myself and the purpose of our meeting

About Junifyh

Junifyh is not a company or any other means of earning. It’s a vision! It is the purpose of indigenous life. I did not invent this vision, but it was revealed to me from an early age. It is the focus on the inner world, from which the outer world grows. It thus combines opposites, including the synthesis of the traditional with the modern.

Transformational Psychology

This vision is not based directly on me, but rather on something that can be called the very human essence. It’s a living vision and it’s been here ever since the beginning of humanity. My personal contribution to its growth is mainly via individual meetings with people – which I called Transformational Psychology.


Along with this, you will find here studies that are not academic and therefore aren’t tied to any form of school system. My teacher is the spirit, the soul, along with the Shaman. They are mentioned in my articles that discuss their teachings and my practise.

Pictures throughout the website

I live this vision and it’s my mission. To better understand the context of life, I travel the world and live in a certain place for a given time to get to know the local spirit. I record this journey on Instagram.