Transformational Psychology

About the “not method”

The vast majority of sessions with people is online, through online calls. It’s usually one hour. The duration of the session may vary, because I don’t have a certain method that I follow. On the contrary, I perceive the man as the method. This is also the reason why I do not have a fixed price for my consultations. Everything is individual and it depends on a common agreement. I also want to meet the needs of those who do not have a financial abundance.

For more information on the philosophy of this “method” see the article.

For more information on how such an individual meeting looks like see the article.

Below are references from some of the people I had the honor of working with.


Julia Kuźmińska (in English only)

Junifyh and Jakub.. Coincidences that do not exist caused me to meet Jakub and his job, It gave me a taste of what Jakub does, It also allowed me to know his perspective on the world, the inner and outer picture. Reflecting these worlds, it’s about the same as in a mirror – through mysterious language of dreams, which is real beauty of Jakub’s job. You can see yourself from a different angle, you will see what you have not seen before. And when you see, you understand, when you understand, you change. Jakub mainly uses dreams, dream language and a dream world in general as a mirror. Like with a mirror, Jakub holds your dream opposite you, and thanks to the direction through the words, you can look at yourself differently. Jakub is a patient interpreter of a dream language. I am grateful that he has given me insight into the mysteries of my own subconscious, while holding the invisible arms of openness and acceptance. Thanks Jakub!

Anet Walach

I am grateful for exposing covered, but in the same time so intimate and crucial images, that are the core of my current condition. I’m deeply grateful for a presence and the opportunity to witness my scattered shadows. It’s not easy but how crucial. You’re truly a tender listener. It’s worth opening doors of dreamland with you. Without a doubt a session gave me a possibility to dive into a magical world of symbolism and powerful sources of identity. With your unusual knowledge, a lot of keys find their holes, clarifying pictures of my mind, that seemed to be chaotically vague. It was beautiful to start this inner process with someone who is honestly aware of value of vulnerability. Thankfully / dziękuję najpiękniej K.

Katarzyna Kościelniak
Gabriela Lipková (in Czech only)

We didn’t talked about my dreams more than 5-6 times, but when we did, I found out a lot of things related to my personality which i already knew but some times there were things that actually blew my mind – realising them and connecting our dream interpretations to my daily being. I really appreciate Jakub’s work and I also started to think that to some extent, dreams can actually be messages from our subconsciousness or even from a deeper level within!

Alexandru Condratov

I’ve been visiting psychologist since a little girl due to pressure in my family. I barely recollect when it started but probably almost all my life I’ve been thinking that something is wrong with me. With Jakub, I never had that feeling! Lasts years I started to realize that is not just about me, although I knew before connecting with Jakub that the living way governments and big corporations make us live is a massive illness, with Jakub I could see other points to it, seeing things from different angles including my thoughts. We are different people in many aspects, but that is what makes our talks so interesting. We didn’t agree in some aspects (maybe was the barrier of language), but an amazing part is that in the final point we were meeting together; different paths, same objective: find a reason, find a way to heal from the innerself, discover, open, understand the ego and learn how to live with it. I’ve always been grateful of how he cares about me even though many times it looked he didn’t; he has his own way to love, and that what makes him unique!

Marta Ortega
Aga Szczotka (in Czech only)

I believe I met Jakub at one of my lowest points in life so far, a moment when I needed to hear certain things, related both to childhood, and becoming an adult. He helped me open my eyes and embrace the part of me which is unseen. He explained to me what shadow is and what shadow work is, while analyzing my dreams and looking for clues that the unconscious mind sends during sleep. I learned that even though dream vocabulary is personal, and I am the only who can actually “fully” understand my own dream, a professional’s interpretation of the archetypes helps me see in which direction to look, making it much easier to find the root of the problem than if I would do it alone. Overall I am very grateful I got the chance to meet Jakub and would highly suggest anyone that feels the calling to get in touch with him.

Alin Rusu

We have known each other with Jakub for a long time, but I would never have believed what I could confide in him. At the beginning of our collaboration, I thought that I already had a lot of things balanced and closed in my life, so I expected our collaboration will go to some diractions, but It has taken a different direction. Fortunately Jakub is a very good listener, solving things in context and comprehensively. With appropriately targeted questions, he made me realize where I was still groping. Problems from childhood have also surfaced, that affect us whole life. The biggest turning point came when he deciphered my nightmare, which haunted me for 20 years. Overall working with the unconsciousness, which had been foreign to me until now, has shown me what our dreams can tell us. Actually dreams usually do not tell us what we think they are about in the first place. Jakub also helped me understand that even our negative aspects of our personality are a part of us that we should not deny them, but we should learn to live in harmony with them. Last but not least, Jakub stood by me when I lost one of my family member, and with his “different” view of things, it helped me partially overcome this period. Thank you!

Blanka Gabrišová

Sessions with Jakub gave me a lot. Thanks to our talks and especially the analysis of dreams, we were able to decipher certain situations and stereotypes that kept coming back to me. Thanks to these sessions, I realized a lot of things that I want and simultaneously have to work on. Jakub is very nice, I always felt relaxed with him and I was never afraid to open up to him. Jakub is fully dedicated to his clients and He is doing everything to help them as much as he can. That is why I would like to recommend Jakub to everyone who wants to know themselves better and go deeper into their souls.

Kateřina Račková

I’ve been working with Jakub for quite some time now. We started to work together because I had very dark dreams, which I didn’t understand why. I started to write them down and send them to him, so when we had a collection of my dreams he analyzed them. That helped me to get to know my unconscious better, which helped me to get to know myself better. We were discussing every little detail I remembered, how I was feeling in and about the dream. It helped a lot, because talking about these details brought up old childhood memories, blocks in my life which I have to deal with, etc. Personally I have to work on my connection with my inner child, also with the male aspect of my soul and Jakub made me realize this. It is not easy. In fact, facing your blocks, your fears, the dark side of your unconscious is very difficult, talking about them is even more difficult, but Jakub was very helpful, patient and very easy to talk to. This is a deep inner work and I’m very happy that he guided me through it. Now I have much less dark dreams and in general I started to understand them. I really recommend Jakub to everyone, because I wouldn’t be able to this progress without him.

Lena Kutak
Karen Walton (In English only)

Working with Jakub was as if we were walking together through the landscape of my inner world, and I was a confused guide. I know a little about everything, but I often can’t put two and two together for the first good. Jakub drew my attention to the right direction by question or extended view angel and thus helped me come up with my own “tailor-made” solution. Without it, the treasure of knowledge that leads to results in the real world would remain covered in the rubble of everyday worries. So it is my pleasure to announce to the world that working with this receptive and kind person is really worth it! I warmly recommend!

Kristýna Moravec Sataryová
creative cartoonist and illustrator

My mind was imprisoned by my surroundings. I resisted for a long time but in the end I let procrastination get the better of me. I was making progress, but very slow. I did not know what to expect from Jakub during my first session. Sitting here on our last session, I was a different person who had made many new decisions. I set new, higher goals. I see obstacles as fun now after our process. The cooperation was a giant benefit and I want to express my thanks for it all!

Jan Ž.

Working with Jakub always felt very nice and confidential. He met my expectations 100%. I also appreciated some practical examples, e.g. I use the focus practice almost every day and it has helped me tremendously in focusing on each moment. I think Jakub is a very promising listener and I recommend his work and professionality to everyone.

Jan Kudělka

Jakub is a committed in personal development. He is a constant learner. He is able to draw out the dreams and aspirations of clients and help them create a plan to realise them. I can recommend Jakub to those who want to help move forward in their life, work and relationships.

Mark Krupa
Jara (in Czech only)

In summer I had plenty of time. I was quite struggling with what I’d like to do and why. I was watching quite a lot some series. Now it’s better. I have less free time, I don’t watch any series :). The life is more active. And I have one more friend.

Tereza B.

Increased productivity, results, and a huge thanks!

Ondrej B.

It was fun to observe my 4 months with Jakub. I think I had never made such a progress in my life! A huge thanks to Jakub!

Thomas M.

When I started, I was very lost in my head and I was making slow progress through all the problems which I carried around for a few months! The final result was surprising even after the first session! Mainly, I have learned that I am the maker of it all – the problems as well as the solutions! working with Jakub enriches me and I cannot thank Jakub enough!

Michael S.
Tamila (In English only)

Working with Jakub helped me a lot in a situation where I couldn’t move from my place and frustration prevailed in my life. Right during the first 2 sessions, I took away a specific goal, which I was able to fulfil very quickly and got back a good feeling that I was moving ahead – even though I couldn’t do anything about it on my own for a few months. Another big plus would be the support from him  in terms of my goals that had to be fulfilled ‘smoothly’ in my head, We re-evaluated and looked at them from another angle, which led to their fulfilment or led me to the right path.

Lucie S.

I started to listen more myself and I and also my family benefits from it. Although we didn’t reach the goals exactly on 100%. I am more than happy! I wish Jakub all the best! He is the best!

Darren N.
Khaled (in English only)

I highly recommend Jakub Horelka. I think he’s a man in his place and there’s no better job for him than the one He does. He is very empathetic, He can listen and lead a person in a completely non-violent way so that he can solve his problems on his own. I was really excited to work with him!

Hana Hindráková, a writer

The main things I realized are: I’m quite a complicated person, I think about lot of things, sometimes after a while I stop seeing meaning in them and sometimes I don’t even know myself. It doesn’t suit me at all to set the time for the activity, I feel like I have to do it. I appreciate Jakub for the always good mood and the art of listening. We were able to get to things that were important to me, which I didn’t even plan to talk about at the beginning.

Tomaš Liszka

A shift in life, at work and in my personal life. I learned what questions to ask when there is a problem in front of me. I fulfilled the goal I had set, although there is still room for improvement. In my opinion, personal development is mainly about motivation, but also about kicking towards your goal, and that’s exactly what I needed. Each subsequent session forced me to work on my goals because I always wanted to fulfil what we agreed on and I take that as the biggest benefit, for which I thank you very much!

Filip Dostalík

A friend recommended me Jakub when I told him that I had reached a point where I was dominated by work. I took every job that came in and I couldn’t say NO !. I worked with Jakub for about half a year where we were discussing what my problem was. My main problem was that I did not have time for myself at all, time for my interests, etc. With Jakub’s questions I figured out why this was the case, and we set goals that I met to meet. My main goal was: MORE TIME FOR MYSELF =)!

Above all, I want to thank Jakub for a pleasant and very professional / friendly approach. It is not easy to entrust your problems to a stranger. However, his voice was very balanced, calm – I can’t describe it … after talking to him, I felt that I could do everything !!! At the end of each lesson, he asked how I felt from the session … sometimes our conversation was full of enthusiasm for the goals, sometimes full of emotions, because things came to the surface that I didn’t even realize until then …

Thanks to Jakub’s observations, the right questions he asked me, I began to think more about myself and not solve the problems of others. Especially for clients who requested my services late and then expected me to come up with a great proposal in a week. I no longer take such orders. Today, I manage my time, not my clients. And the word NO appears much more often in my dictionary. I take projects that interest me, and I am no longer afraid to say under what conditions I will work (deadlines, money, etc.). And last but not least, I finally have time to read the books I love =)!

Working with Jakub helped me to have peace in my life !;)

Lucie Videcká, interior architect