About me

After all, it is primarily about the person himself. We are the instrument, whatever job or way of being we pursuit. As a little boy, I was fascinated by American Indians which lead me to realize what an “Indian” truly means. Getting to know myself is the greatest value to me. For the first 6 years of my work in psychology, I tried primarily to get into my inner world and to get to know myself.

These 6 years were full of awareness, loneliness and pain. I was digging into my soul, and sometimes even deeper – to the world of spirit. These dives are the result of my rooting and perception of the whole. When I underwent the ritual of death, I knew I was ready. I’ve made contact with the unconscious and I have my own experience with it.

Jakub Horelka
Jakub Horelka

I continue on my journey with full interest and enthusiasm to discover other people’s worlds that enrich me. It’s a life journey that never ends for me.

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​My location always vary. So I put out only my email which is the best way how to get in touch.

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