Key terms

A dictionary of psychological expressions that I use in my articles. These expressions may not be understandable while reading right away so that’s why I created this article to help readers understand them more easily.

My journey of cognition

Pjér repeated to me that if we want to study someone, it is good to look at their life. Certainly this applies to all areas where we establish relationships.

Transformational Psychology

Actual connections In the article Junifyh’s philosophy, I have outlined the roots from a trunk, symbolizing this article. The trunk represents a fulcrum in working with individuals, which I call Transformational Psychology. Today’s article deals more with technical answers to the questions of what Transformational Psychology means and what is its practical attitude. It is … Read more

The Junifyh Philosophy

Created on the requests of people who want to know what Junifyh represents and what they can expect from it. That is why I sum up briefly the philosophy, which is the main root of my work. The work that I call Transformational Psychology – Junifyh. In the first part I write briefly about the path … Read more

The Junifyh vision

Junifyh vision comes from impersonal levels. It has roots in ancient times and simultaneously grows with modern consciousness. It is a synthesis of meaning and life.