John Lilly

(My note: This passage of the book is translated by me from the original Czech version, so there might be some mistakes. The page may not match the original either).

Alert to readers

“From a general point of view, this book records the author’s internal and external experiences. It is therefore a continuation of his previous books for those who have read them. That is why it is also an autobiographical book. The chosen style should allow the author to describe with maximum expressive accuracy the events he deeply experienced and felt. Some of these events concerned interaction with forces in the human organizations in which the author worked. The author used this style out of the need to share his experiences without harming himself or his friends in these organizations. He had – and still has – the feeling that the style used allows him to express a neutral point of view as objectively as possible. We are all human. No known intelligence of non-human origin has yet read or heard what we write or say. We apply everything to the person – we communicate only with each other. We judge by human standards. We live for human goals. We ignore other possible intelligences and communication with them. In a way, we all unconsciously suffer from internal unrest, which I call “interspecies deprivation.” We know no chroniclers of human events outside of our species, no judges using criteria that are not specific to humans. We only know our own history of this planet. Our economy, laws, politics, science, literature and organizations are anthropocentric. The anthropomorphic shape of our body limits us to human activities and human communication. In addition to other forms of expression used in this book, the author mentions “Beings” of other origins, which he experienced in his own deep (inner) Self on various occasions. From our anthropocentric point of view, we tend to call such events and their translation into written form fiction. In this sense, this book is a fiction, a creation of the author’s imagination.”