(My note: This passage of the book is translated by me from the original Czech version, so there might be some mistakes. The page may not match the original either).

Five obstacles, Intellect, page 93 

“In order for your intelligence to become active, you don’t need more information, you need more meditation. You need to be more quiet, you need to think less. You need less mind and more heart. You need to start realizing how magical everything around you is – the spell called life, the spell called God, the magic of green trees and colorful flowers, the magic that is in the human eye. There are lots of miracles everywhere. Everything is miraculous, but you remain locked inside you because of your intellect and stick to stupid conclusions, which you have reached in a state of unconsciousness or that you have from other people as ignorant as you are.

The intellect may come to certain conclusions, but the intellect is an unconscious phenomenon. You behave almost like you sleep. Intelligence awakens, and until you are fully awakened, all your decisions will be more or less wrong. But intelligence is creative because intelligence forces you to function totally – not just your head, just one small part. Intelligence shakes your whole being; it dances every cell of your body, every fiber of your tissue, and aligns them with the whole. That’s creativity: pulsing with total in perfect harmony. Things start to happen on their own. Your heart will begin to sing with joy, your hands will begin to transform everything. You touch the mud, and it turns into a lotus. You will become an alchemist. But this is only possible when the heart is awakened.”