The meaning of the articles written here

The articles are about psychological topics, specifically about understanding the spirit – everything that is manifested and in which the human soul moves. I divide this teaching into topics that I do not choose by myself, but are inspired by my work and my teacher Pjér la Šéz.

In any work, the subjective factor can probably not be completely prevented, but I try to eliminate it. I am not a psychologist and I do not consider myself to be a one, even though I am practically fully engaged in this field. I write here without classical, academic education, and yet, or precisely because of that, I dare to say that the texts you can find here have depth. But let the reader judge for himself!

I don’t see myself as the author of the knowledge that you will find here. It already exists all around us and is present in various forms. This knowledge is present in abundance and despite its study, it is often dead. In order for this knowledge to gain in meaning, it is necessary to put it in practice. My sources are mainly books, nature and the Unconsciousness. Regarding the latter two, they in a certain sense go far beyond man. It can’t be otherwise if we want to touch something real.

A prepared article is similar to the work of a student who is really and enthusiastically interested in the given topic and is looking for different ways to learn more about it. Before the publication of a certain article, there is a long process of observation, listening and development not only for me, but also for the people I have the honor to work with.

I do not overlook any science, religion, or other direction of knowledge as long as they make sense and support a holistic view of man. This knowledge, facts, objective reality – whatever we call it – are all part of our space. They are here for all of us.

What the articles discuss in more detail

They examine and discuss the greatest secret, which is the human soul. About the inner world from which life springs. Where the whole human psyche is realized, which has been evolving since the beginning of our human origin. About the concept of elementary laws of nature, which man did not invent, but rather is a part of them, whether he wants to acknowledge it or not, and it’s something we could call reality. About what makes us and at the same time what we make. About the relationship between the common and the individual. It is certain that the common path depends on the individual and vice versa. After all, we cannot reach individual heights together, just as an individual cannot achieve collective change. About the world and individualization of man. About the paths and experiences of the human psyche. About the universe that is in each of us. Practical insights into what a person experiences when he lives, creates or destroys his life. Why he does what he does. What makes him up and what determines him, or to what extent is he free. Why he kills and is not happy. What can affect, what can he change and what, on the contrary, he must accept. To some extent, they also address the question – How? How to approach oneself and others more consciously, how to resolve disputes, overcome resistance, difficulties or how to achieve a goal. And most importantly, what’s the meaning of it all? These are questions that represent the essence of life. They are very deep, problematic and very simple at the same time. They are often unanswered and the question itself is often the answer, or offers a way to it. They also arouse some suspicion. If we do not awaken them in ourselves, then they do not exist for us. Therefore, I would like to point out that it is entirely up to the individual, what he will take for him from these topics.

Why the written form

It is one of the possible ways to create something and share it. If the writing has quality, then it should appeal to the reader and thus pass on what the reader came for. I perceive reading as a type of meditation in which you can tune in to a higher frequency. In this meditation, we can suddenly see the connections, come up with answers, get to places we haven’t been before. You may also come across a provocative message here. Whatever it is that will bother you, this is the message for you. Reading is unique in that it can open up intimate matters. These can irritate, sadden, enrich, etc. Awareness of these internal processes, which these articles discuss, is a difficult task. They have their special requirements.

Here I want to point out, without wanting to sound any haughty, that the articles here are aimed at the individualized, or at least for the open individual. By this I mean a person who has already undergone some self-reflection and is to some extent self-sufficient and competent. He is no longer subject to a mass opinion, but is a support to himself or at least he has the prospects to be. Otherwise, what is revealed here may give an exaggerated, fictional or any other negative impression, because it endangers the way of thinking that has been experienced so far. I note this because a person immersed in his own projections cannot be helped, and any attempt at change is a danger to him. Perhaps we can admit that there are those among us who do not want to see reality. It is easy to spot it, for example, in conversation with people, when it is impossible or difficult to really convey what we have in our hearts. What we feel, think or otherwise experience. It would be rejected, humiliated, or otherwise devalued, so sharing it with these people is actually useless.

This is one of the requirements. If a person does not have an open mind, he is locked in it and it is difficult for something new to reach him. Not to mention something as distant as the reality. This confinement, together with egoism, which forms the current spirit of the times, is a great obstacle for an individual to step towards oneself. Then it is very difficult to shut down the projections from the outside and to look inside. Somewhere where it wouldn’t even occur to you to look for it. On the contrary, for those who are already looking inside, I would like to share my experience and knowledge. And I will be happy to learn about a different opinion of a topic as well.

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  • My main teachers: The Unconsciousness, Pjér la Šéz, Carl Gustav Jung, Emil Páleš.

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