The Junifyh vision

Vision overview

When I think of vision in general, it seems crucial to me to determine from where the vision comes. Where it has roots. Whether it is formed by the human mind or comes from deeper layers. Whether it is our wish or emerges from the impersonal level. Somewhere from which we don’t know its exact source. One could call this source a heart, a spirit, a deity. Where the vision comes from is a mystery. What is clear is that this source has a much deeper reach. It most often addresses us in dreams, clinical death, or in other altered states of consciousness, where another type of consciousness speaks to us. American Indians pay careful attention to these messages, and through their listening they learn pertinent information. They know that they are spoken to by the spirit itself, which determines all the movement of life on earth. Although they have not always immediately understood those messages, as in the case of the Sioux Oglala tribe (book – The Black Elk Speaks). This book deals with the fact that American Indians knew about their demise before the arrival of white people.

It is obvious that this type of vision wants to inform us about something and it is determined by the individual if he either accepts this form of communication or rejects it. He can decide whether or not to examine and understand this communication. At the end of this introduction, it’s good to mention that no vision is only personal, just as a vision from another level of consciousness – psychologically speaking: from deep unconscious – will contain personal elements (more here – consciousness and unconscious). It must be like that, because personal level is part of spirit and it participates in it. The difference is in their depth and determines its reach.

Symbol and vision of Junifyh

The symbol of Junifyh is a tree that supports the English combination of the words journey and unify. These words are intentionally intertwined. This denotes the inseparable meaning of an individual’s life – the journey and process of unifying. This combination grows from a tree that represents something that is given – mother nature, wholeness, meaning. The whole symbol is projected as the universe, and it manifests the unknown, the mystery of which man is a part.

Unifying is the main point of all spiritual teachings and religions. It is to connect the opposites of this world of duality. Light and shadow, bright and inferior aspects, consciousness and unconscious. All of that is part of this world. Indigenous is one living to unite these opposites. He combines all individual aspects and finds its place. He listens to them. He listens to both counterparts and learns to distinguish between them. Thus he becomes the greatest authority for himself.

It is obvious to Indigenous that reality is a whole that the mind cannot grasp. The universe is a secret to him, which he bows to and maintains the attitude that he is here for this world, and not that the world is here for him. It’s about the way he lives. This is primary. He builds bridges between opposites, thus growing spiritually, becoming more holistic and more individualized. The Indian stands in front of a tree, looks at the river, watches the animals, all with amazement and humility. The world around him, like him, is a reflection of a great secret, to which he does not attach his explanations, but by listening he receives answers. Life itself speaks to him and introduces him to this mystery.

Native American view of a tree

The Indian does not see simply a tree. He does not see the word for wood, upon which branches and leaves grow. He sees a living entity who perceives and lives. They communicate with each other. They are one and the same. They are the children of Mother Earth. For the indigenous, nature is the basis of life, home on earth. They are aware that without it, they could hardly exist here. For them, there is nothing more beautiful than a flowing river, flowering trees, or clouds dancing over the tops of snowy mountains. Nature is a communicating deity with whom – if they are connected – are themselves in God.

Symbol – Tree

A tree is a living symbol exceeding human consciousness. It has many meanings. It represents a synthesis of heaven, earth and water. Dynamic life. It embodies the cosmos in its entirety. Fruits growing on trees are sacred. The Tree of Knowledge – good and evil play a role in the Bible, particularly when Adam and Eve eat the holy fruit. Therefore they are banished from paradise. By analogy, they are expelled from unity and are on their way into a dualistic world where they have to acquire higher consciousness and become closer to unity, representing paradise.

Imagine trees standing at the same height in a forest. By analogy, these trees could be compared to people at a normal level of consciousness. Overhanging, taller trees represent people attaining higher consciousness.

The emergence of Junifyh

To help explain the context, I decided to add this concluding story. The year was 2015 when I was in a state of bliss. This state had a long duration. At that time, I was inspired to embark on the creation of something that would correspond to my intention and meaning of life. I was looking for what would make sense in this senseless world of civilization. The idea came spontaneously, and I let it go until something emerged. And it is continuing to emerge. It took over a year for the Junifyh sign or symbol to form. I recognized its final form by the fact that I felt a rush of calm, silence, and deep inner satisfaction. I knew it was done. Then I started a company with the same name, finding within two years that it is much more than a means of earning money. I then closed the company and devoted myself to the vision further and more diligently. Earnings have become an award for the effort of my work and no longer the main goal. The vision grows stronger and is opening a new path to knowledge.

Along with that, I realize that this is my ideal – the destination of the journey, which I share with all Indigenous people. It is the way across and through the self. Psychology, as one of the disciplines to understand human experience, is my helper on this journey.

(more – Transformational Psychology).