Who is scared of death

Jan van Helsing

(My note: This passage of the book is translated by me from the original Czech version, so there might be some mistakes. The page may not match the original either. I am also not sure if this book is available in English.)

Str. 96

“That is why humanity is divided into a spiritual elite and fools. Those who want to learn will experience a catapult start because they are in harmony with the ascending energy of the Earth. The others completely collapse into bottomlessness.”

“Everything is controlled by infinite divine energy. The basis of all living things is a formula, based on laws, on the basis of which everyone gets back what we sent. When someone deceives someone, one day he will be deceived. Conversely, when he likes to donate, he will be gifted and usually receive more than he gave himself. Such is the law.”

str. 113

“However, I would like to point out again that the spiritual world, the various levels, do not exist somewhere outside of Earth, somewhere between Earth and the Moon, or in the stratosphere of your planet, no. They are just a step away from you, no matter their level. Just take a step and you are already in the interworld, or in the fifth, sixth, or twelfth dimension. It is not the distance that matters, but the frequency, the vibration that you perceive and enter if you want. Everything exists here at the same time. Even if it sounds unbelievable, or it’s hard to imagine.”

Str. 135

It is similar to the word sin. This is a mistake, a sin, or an inherited sin don’t exist because the soul is only responsible for what it has done.”