Loving what is

Katie Byron

(My note: This passage of the book is translated by me from the original Czech version, so there might be some mistakes. The page may not match the original either).

Realize where your thoughts contradict the reality, page 27

“We only suffer if we believe an idea that does not correspond to reality. If our mind is completely clear, then what is that’s what we want. However, if you want reality to be different than it is, it’s like trying to teach a cat to bark.”

page 28

“The work reveals that what we think should not have happened, It should have happened. It was supposed to happen because it happened, and no thought in the world can change it. However, this does not mean that you have to ignore or agree with the situation. It just means that you can look at things without resistance and without the confusion of your inner struggle.

I love what is, not because I am spiritually based, but because it hurts me if the facts contradict each other. We should know that reality is as good as it is, because when we oppose it, we experience tension and frustration. We do not feel naturally or evenly balanced. Once we stop contradicting reality, our lives will be easier, smoother, more pleasant and more fearless.”