Feeding your demons

Tsultrim Allione

(My note: This passage of the book is translated by me from the original Czech version, so there might be some mistakes. The page may not match the original either).

16 – Démoni Euforie – Světští démoni euforie, str. 200

“Secular demons of euphoria are associated with an increase in a sense of pride in success in work, family, or wealth. Remember an occasion when you were full of pride about your clothes, your house, your appearance, your new car or your wealth. This demon is also associated with all professions that are held in high esteem and in which you could have power over other people. When I think of this demon, I imagine someone literally inflating like a balloon. A boss who has power over the lives of employees can develop a demon of euphoria, proud of the recognition or status he receives in his job.Flatulence can also occur if someone attains wealth, fame, or both, and develops a sense of importance and entitlement to special treatment. Or these demons may have a more subtle form of pride in their own children or their own working abilities. 

I talked about this demon with my friend Christine, who is a doctor. She said at the time: “Of course, in the period of teaching a young doctor, there is a period when this demon appears. The doctors who train trainees call this a dangerous time, because one becomes too confident and arrogant about one’s diagnoses.” She told me about Jody, a great young radiologist who graduated from Harvard Medical School. She was proud of her ability to read X-rays, so when she received two unusual X-rays in one session, she immediately came to a hasty conclusion. But when she reviewed the same images with the doctor in charge, she was accused of missing several important clues and making a completely misdiagnosis as a result. In retrospect, Jody realized that her sense of extraordinary confidence was a warning sign, which she ignored.”