Deep dreams and their message to the current time

Another type of consciousness

For a complete expression of and also for the timeliness of the deep messages included here, the main part of the article deals with three specific dreams, including a subsequent series of dreams that complement and expand the view of the momentary movement of the spirit and its influence on man. It might seem that these seven dreams – which were dreamed by seven people from different countries and different cultures – have nothing in common. But in a dream reality, these people obviously have very much in common. I have listened to these messages and am clarifying their message here. At the conclusion of the article, I share two dreams from Jung, in which you can see the force moving with everything living and nonliving. In all the following dream examples, it is easier to imagine what is being talked about when one imagines there being another consciousness. In ancient times it has been called divinity; in modern times, the universe, by Native Americans, spirit, and in psychology, it is known as the collective unconscious. Whatever we call it, this omnipotent consciousness speaks to us through deep dreams. Before we go together into this mysteriously distant world of deep dreams, which are synonymous with archetypal dreams, let me explain what is even meant by archetypal or deep dreams. 

By archetypal we mean the matrix, the sum of all experiences of this universe, the patterns, laws, schemes, and images that are within us and form a kind of foundation for a reality that each of us read individually, but this foundation is the same for all of us. It’s the basic psychological reality, which is the supporting pillar of every human being. Just as mother earth – the earth’s soil under the feet and everything that resides in it and grows from it – is the supporting pillar of every building, this foundation is called an archetype in the psychological world. It is the psychological memory of the human species in us, and it is not only present in the human one! These archetypes are not simply static images. On the contrary, they are alive! This is one of the reasons why we can talk about the spirit as something alive and therefore possible to connect with it. A person is able to orient himself to this and to distinguish with whom he is “talking”, these inner aspects were called archetypes.

Deep dreams are occurring to everyone. However, their inevitable occurrence does not guarantee their understanding. On the contrary, a person often has no idea what he has dreamed of because these messages come from very deep within ourselves. When they appear, we often remember them, but, unfortunately, we do not understand these messages. In such cases, a person feels it is a significant dream after waking up. According to Native Americans, small dreams don’t matter. But when someone has a big dream, he calls the tribe to tell everyone about it, because it essentially belongs to everyone and is meant to be shared. Indigenous devotes himself exclusively to spiritual experience and exalts the spirit above himself. This was similar in ancient Rome, where anyone who was convinced that he had been visited by a dream concerning the fate of the state could come forward and relate the dream to the senate. Who would dare to approach their government or any board of directors with such a message in these times? I choose articles as a form of transmission and are there for anyone who wants to listen to the unconscious.

A spirit’s commentary on the current situation

  1. dream 

The first dream I dreamed was a year ago. At the beginning of the year 2021 I was dreaming: 

I am a member of a Native American tribe that is on the verge of extinction. I stand before this tribe and say we must go to Jerusalem. I know that if we don’t go, we will perish. I know in the dream that Jerusalem is a place in the jungle. Some people leave the camp with me and some stay.

Analysis: Jerusalem is interpreted as a holy city – Heavenly Jerusalem. Charles IV made a comparative interpretation – he wanted to harmonize Prague and make it a new Jerusalem. It is a dream symbolizing the theme of this time. Where the ego is, and where the essential Self is, equals Jerusalem. I would say in a dream we must focus our attention on the Self; some people choose to go with me, and some don’t. In the dream I’m saying: “It’s good to focus attention in this direction – on the deeper aspects of life, on the essentials, on the meaning of living, and this meaning being our true nature.” Perdition in a dream is represented by people who remain, who say: “That’s not my path!”Therefore, these people remain on the level of ego (more later in the dream series and in deeper contexts). Thus these people go against the flow of life. But those who follow the path of the essential self, they go to Jerusalem, following after something new, unexplored, and maybe dangerous, because they do not know the way and are afraid of change, but it gives them strength because it is supported by the spirit itself. At the same time, they are not saying that the ego belongs to trash; it just doesn’t boss “me” around, doesn’t decide “my” mood, etc. I also write about the symbolism of death, a kind of static way of being, in more detail in Transformational Psychology.

  1. dream

On May 5, 2021, I had the opportunity to analyze the deep dream of one of my clients with Pjér. Her dream:

“I was in the village, in the garden of my house where I was born. I looked into my garden and saw a fire approaching the house. But the garden was not our garden. It looked more like a valley. The fire was getting closer to me and I prayed it would stop. I was scared and frightened, not for myself, but for my mother and sister inside the house. The fire was not big, but it was just burning the grass very quickly. After a while, a small wave came and extinguished the fire. Then a huge wave started coming, which was touching the sky. Then I was afraid again, but now both for my family and for myself. I didn’t go inside, but hid behind the corner of the house and waited for it to pass. At the same time, I prayed. When the wave was gone, surprisingly the whole house was not under the water. The water came up only about 40 cm. There were 4 pigs in the garden. I went to check on them and their pen was flooded. I pumped out the water and found them dead. I prayed again for their revival. After a while, two of them started breathing, and I was simultaneously happy and also sad because I couldn’t save the other two. Then I woke up.

Analysis with Pjér: “I perceive the dream as referring to the current transformation on this planet. At first, this realization evokes many emotions, starting with the destruction and burning, like the fire that engulfed the house. After that, the water comes in the form of a wave, which we can take as a manifestation of the unconscious or a manifestation of some compassion that is really enormous. What is interesting is that she (the client) prays – she has a spiritual attitude. She prays to God and that seems to be the answer. The help doesn’t just put out the fire, and doesn’t destroy the house- it’s adverse effect is minimal, just 40cm. Then there are the pigs, which I would understand as carriers of the Jupiterian principle. (Jupiter is directly connected to pigs. There is a direct parallel. That’s why in Czech we say – he lives like a pig in the rye, or he is lucky like a pig. These things are connected. Two elements are associated with Jupiter and these are pigs and wood). That Jupiter principle is associated with a certain type of generosity. I imagine it as being the horn of abundance and happiness, and that there is also something royal about it. The harsh impact of the whole transformation has influenced this principle, but not caused it to die completely – at least half of it can be revived – (2 pigs). Intuitively, I wonder if that doesn’t mean this transformation is quite divisive. There are people who live under the influence of fear and get vaccinated; and next to them there are people who see things completely differently, who say that they are responsible for the state of their own health and not culpable to some other authority. What I perceive is that there is the possibility that this divisiveness is also happening within the family. One-half of the family is hypnotized, indoctrinated, and trusts the establishment that says strongly that it knows what it’s doing. The second half of the family has apparently experienced some kind of fight, because at first, the pigs look like they are all dead. But again after some kind of conflict and turning to the spirit world, the two come back to life – in theory, it is possible that this will split the family in some way, that some will go through the way of transformation. The dream can also be telling about a certain prediction of what will happen.

  1. dream

Pjér was told a dream by his client: 

“I was looking out of a window with some friends, whereupon a strange winged creature appeared to be flying around, something like a butterfly, but when it got closer, we found out that it was a Native American who had butterfly wings. In a special way, he united our company together, and everyone began to listen to him. At first he tapped on the window, and then it turned out that he also had a message: “It will all end here within five years, it’s good to prepare for it, it’s not anyone’s fault or anyone’s culpability, it’s just going to end.”

Pjér’s analysis – The message is brought by a butterfly, which was the embodiment of the soul in ancient Greece. This being also has the form of a Native American, who today for the civilized man, represents the comeback of the soul that we have lost somewhere, or the soul that has disappeared somewhere… This soul comes and says, “Within five years it will all be over here; it’s nobody’s fault, it’s nobody’s mistake – but it’s good to prepare for it”. The message of the end was probably regarding the system which we are creating here, which actually has already collapsed, but is not completely overcome. A lot of people haven’t noticed the collapse yet, so it looks like it’s still functioning.

(((Youtube video – 7:21 Duše K – Slunovrat a vesmírné rytmy – Pjér la Šé’z – 22. 6. 2014)))

A series of dreams and deeper connections

The message hidden in our souls can be observed in the following four dreams, which I had the opportunity to analyze over the course of about three years. I had the same images in my dreams four years ago. Each dream is unique in its own way, but thematically they are very similar and I will stick to that theme. There is the visible movement of the spirit in the theme, specifically how and what the spirit tells us. We can now take a closer look at this series of dreams, as they supplement and expand the previously analyzed dreams.

In all these dreams, there is a wave coming and flooding everything man-made. It’s flooding cities, bridges, trodden paths, or rivers of life that are representing current human attitudes. A wave coming – something natural that floods our existing human world – is for example, a symbol of transformation and change… We can see how this interpretation informs dreams No. 2 and 3. It is as if what made up our world, what was believed, what is collectively lived as right, the way of life from which it was based, etc. – call it Capitalism, Christianity, the fight for good against evil, or something else – this paradigm is no longer supported by the spirit/ the unconscious. This former, formal system of understanding all is flooded in these dreams. Nature no longer supports it, so it destroys it, and man cannot change it (example dream no. 3.) Everyone deals with these dreams in their own way, but the message is clear – We are, as the saying goes, in the same boat as humanity on this planet, and nature itself is already commenting on the current way of life that we live here collectively. A way of life that is actually built on castration, ignorance of nature, spiritlessness and meaninglessness is obviously destructive. This is the main war man has been pursuing for decades. It is a war against our primitive, natural being within us that is in harmony with everything – the Indian archetype. The fight against nature, which man carries out in this space, affects him personally, and it obviously creates pressure in society, which is intensifying. 

There are many connections, and one of them is the Platonic year, which lasts 26,000 years. It is divided into two main parts. The first part was devoted to the development of femininity. In our context, Eliade describes in A History of Religious Ideas, Volume 1 – At the time when fruits were collected as the main food intake, when the first signs of cultivation occurred, when fields and communities began over time, at this time of the narrative, the woman was placed above the man. The man was a mere helper, and took the role of protector of the human community and the fields. In this way, the man could socially improve himself, but the woman had a higher social status, so the man followed her. Femininity though, like anything that matures too much, “rotted” and this matriarchy began dying. It escalated to such an extent that the woman became heartless, and so it’s mythically said, that femininity was placed at the bottom of the sea. (The sea as a symbol of the unconscious, the natural world where man cannot go, thus femininity has become unconscious – the sea – the world of femininity – Yin energy; (to read more see Dreams as a way to the unconscious & symbolic speech). Thus, at the end of these first 13,000 years, masculinity began to develop with the rise of the military aristocracy, which followed and continued from the protector of the fields, to wars, conquest and expansion into space. This patriarchy has also reached its peak and is dying in the opposite direction of femininity, namely in the heights of the “logos” – the aforementioned expansion into space. For these 26,000 years, this platonic year symbolically ended in 2012, which since that time has had an unconscious effect on each of us. At that time, the sun, the earth and the center of our galaxy were in cosmic alignment. A symbolic image of a new direction was created. A new paradigm, a new work. Femininity and masculinity have reached the stage where both have matured enough to create harmony together! The Chinese book I Ching has an image of peace – there is heaven below and earth above. The earth ascends and the sky descends, and there is a fruitful union between the two, when Yin (femininity) and Yang (masculinity) are partners. This happens in the unconscious! It is as if the spirit informed us what the transformation of our paradigm is and where the new path leads. So it is when pure femininity and masculinity meet in a human being; when a woman is not just a woman and a man is not just a man, but both are aware of their opposite polarities. For a woman it is acknowledging her masculinity, and for a man, it is acknowledging his femininity. (Animus and anima, Yin & Yang energy).

This acknowledgment encourages awakening, even at the cost of pain, because just like a wave destroys everything artificial (as seen in dream no. 2), so too acknowledgment of the natural can cleanse and provide space for goodness. Same as the dream no. 1. calls attention to wholeness and a turning of attention from the old to the new, the ego being the instrument of this change. Man is forced to somehow integrate both energies. If he is not aware of them, he will suffer because he is going against nature, as shown in dream no. 2. This problem is collective, but in dreams, everyone has a different path to the Self, to that center – the mentioned I-ting image. The first dream also points to Jerusalem; not to an external place, but to an internal one. The inner world will attract the outer problematic situations, which actually pull it with greater and stronger force to the center, if one is on the edge of either of the two. It forces the union of two to become the one. This can further be explained through interaction between matter, the extroverted pole, and spirit, the introverted one. In other words, the opposite of the collective problem is the solution of the individual. That’s why more people turn to their inner world, because it represents something that gives support. It is no longer as illusory for many people as many people thought. On the contrary, it is a refuge.

If we move onto one or the other edge, it causes constant stress and restlessness, and then one has to deal with avoiding becoming neurotic. Even if the person is actually neurotic, many can’t admit it; such a state of being doesn’t even occur to an individual. This means that the content of our unconscious – what was suppressed, forgotten, ignored, and often fought against – is pushed into consciousness. These two opposites – spirit and matter (Ying and Yang) – are balanced in nature and always have been; only the ego is sharpened to one edge or the other. The people depicted in the 1st dream, those who remain will experience even greater conflict as nature moves toward the center. Socially the situation is getting worse, but improvement can only occur individually. Nature as a symbol of the wave will break egotistic illusions (it basically already does), even though, from our point of view, it does by negative means. Nature is one of the few that supports us, for example through a dream like No. 2. The spirit that is there is for those who perceive it.

Additional messages from the depths of the spirit, two dreams from Jung

I have dared to share both of these dreams under the resource tab under the book title – Memories, Dreams, Reflections by C.G. Jung – Aniela_Jaffe.

The first mentioned dream here Jung dreamed in 1913 about the coming of World War I. When I first came across this dream, it was shocking to me, and every time I read it I get goosebumps. Jung himself describes this dream in the book – Memories, Dreams, Reflections by C.G. Jung – Aniela_Jaffe on page 295, (Czech version). 

Another dream of Jung’s in 1927 was about the meaning of life. It is also described by Jung himself in the book – Memories, Dreams, Reflections by C.G. Jung – Aniela_Jaffe on page 332, (Czech version). In this dream, you can notice a big dream and a small dream in one. In the small dream – the complex side relates to Jung’s life situation. And in the big dream – the archetypal message refers to the meaning of life as seen in the dream. 

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