Transformational coaching

How does Transformational Coaching works?


Change requires action and time. This is why the Junifyh coaching process focuses on the goals of our clients in those areas of life they wish to change or work on. During this process, the coach walks alongside the client as he/she works on fulfilling these goals. The whole process is the client’s journey of being aware of and working on his/her own world. Each relationship between a coach and a client is based on trueness, openness and equality.

12 Sessions

Each session takes 60 minutes. There are action steps set by client being fulfilled between sessions which make the main result based on the client’s ideas and possibilities.

How Coaching Works

Skype with no camera, which allows the client to choose a place where they can focus and not be disturbed.

Our suggestion is Skype sessions, however, personal coaching is also possible according to agreement.


The coaching process is private and confidential. All Junifyh coaches are under ICF (International Coaching Federation).

The Role of a Coach

Builds a friendly, yet professional relationship. A friendly approach offers freedom and creativity while a professional approach brings intensity and results.

Coaching is about you and this is why you will not hear advice, correction or commentary from a coach. Your coach may share their views upon their client’s approval.

A coach does not criticize. He/she supports and encourages and leaves a positive impact.

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The Role of a Client

  • Sets goals and finds ways to achieve them as well as the final result
  • Thinks about their own world
  • Puts their new knowledge and thoughts into practice
  • Changes their world according to their imagination
  • A client always leaves the coaching process with a positive impact on his/her life

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