Coaching with Jakub really helped me in my situation, where i felt I was stuck and I could’t move. All my frustrations was controlling my life. After two sessions with Jakub, I set up specific goals that I acted on really fast and was gradually starting to feel a lot better.

Lucie Schovanková, Business Development Manager at



In the summer I had lots of free time and I was struggling with what I would like to do and why. I was watching quite a lot of television series but after coaching I don’t watch any television series and have less free time, I am always busy, which is great! My life is a lot more active and I also have one more friend.

Tereza Beránková, Student



My mind was imprisoned by my surroundings. I resisted for a long time and in the end I let procrastination get the better of me. I was making progress, but it was slow. I did not know what to expect from coaching during my first session. Sitting through my last session, I became a different person who had made many new decisions. I set new, higher goals. I see obstacles as fun now after my coaching experience. The cooperation was of great benefit and I want to express my thanks for it all!

Jan Živný, Photograph



Coaching with Jakub always felt very nice and confidential. He met my expectations 100 %. I also appreciated some practical examples, e.g. I have used the focus practice almost every day and it has helped me tremendously in focusing on each moment. I think Jakub is a very promising coach and I recommend his work and professionality to everyone.

Jan Kudělka, Owner at



Increased productivity, results, and a huge thanks!

Ondřej Bauer, Businessman



It was fun to observe my 4 months with coaching. I think I had never made more progress in my life! A huge thanks to Jakub!

Tomáš Michalík, Businessman



When I started, I was very lost in my head and I was making slow progress through all the problems which I carried around for a few months! The final result was surprising even after the first session! Mainly, I have learned that I am the maker of it all – the problems as well as the solutions! Junifyh coaching enriches and I cannot thank Jakub enough!

Michael Savage, Employee



I started to listen more myself and also my family benefits from it. Although We didn’t reach the goals exactly on 100%. I am more then happy! I wish Jakub all the best! He is the best!

Darren Neil, Owner of housing business



Jakub Horelka is a committed life coach with enthusiasm. He is a constant learner. He is able to draw out the dreams and aspirations of clients and help them create a plan to realise them. I can recommend Jakub to those who want coaching to help them move forward in their life, work and relationships.

Mark Krupa, Airbnb specialist