Our Vision

Transform the Earth through increasing consciousness

Our vision is to awaken the greater consciousness and potential we believe is alive in people today. To guide and support people towards their own individual journeys to achieve positive changes in their lives. We are not only passionate about every individuals potential for positive changes, but the importance of taking care of our planet, which is why 10% of our profits go directly to the environmental organisation greenlifeproject.org

We want to coach in every continent of the world, to unite experiences which will help fulfil the dreams of individuals and businesses in the most effective way possible.


These values represent our priorities and characterize standards and actions that we follow. We make sure as our mission to enforce each and every one of them in our work.


Description of competencies in our own words, briefly and clearly according to ICF. These competencies are strictly binding for each of our coaches.


Code which is not misused.
To be able to explain differences between coaching and other developmental activities.
Keeping to the agreement with the client.


Putting into practice the coaching a technical agreements.
Security and fairness.


Gaining trust and close relationship with client.


Coaching presence.
Focusing on client and entering his / her world.


Active listening.


Asking intentional questions.
Questions follow up and are asked at the right time.
They reflect active listening and flow from the conversation.
Questions also challenge client to think about new perspectives.


Direct communication is useful, not just interesting.
Using the language and talk of the client.
Briefly, clearly, specifically, humanly, straight to the point.


Creating self-awareness.
Questions about benefits which lead to thinking about what is behind client’s words.
Support for individual frame of thinking.


Setting action plans.
One hundred percent clarity for client about what action needs to be taken.
Actions are achievable and within client’s possibilities.


Planning and setting of goals.
Measure in goals.
Development and achievement of goal.


Handling responsibility for the process.
Maintaining the process.