3 years without Facebook

3 years without Facebook
3 years without Facebook

I decided to resume my Facebook profile today and that’s why I want to share this article, which is focused on what my decision of cancelling my Facebook profile 3 years ago thought me and how it changed my life.
First I want to say, I am not planning on sharing personal articles here, but as this topic includes my journey to personal freedom and self-knowledge I think it belongs here and it can inspire many.

We live in times of internet. That’s not news. This fact brings huge opportunities as well as many negatives. My biggest problem was an addiction. The time I spent logged in to my Facebook account and some kind of a need to know what is happening around me. I would wake up every morning and start looking for my phone right away, checking what’s new. I would spend at least 2 hours on Facebook every day. I’d feel really good getting many “Likes” for the photo I had posted. But even then, it wasn’t enough.

I didn’t know what to do. I paid so much attention to the world around me that one day I asked myself a question. What if instead of focusing on others I would use that time to focus on getting to know myself better. Without any tricks. Without the goal being popular among the people around me.

That time period gave me a lot, especially right after quitting my Facebook. I finally found my life direction which I was looking for since High School. My every step has a meaning and direction since then. I created a habit of reading for an hour every day. I stopped focusing on material things and moved out of my hometown. I moved abroad. I lived in 3 different countries of the world. I learned English. I founded a coaching company in London that helps people all around the world and nature. I experienced all different kinds of people, cultures, cities etc. This journey is the reason I am doing what I enjoy and love and what makes me happy.

I guess all of it didn’t happened because I quit Facebook, but it was one of the little steps towards self-knowledge. It led me to knowing my inner voice that was suddenly speaking to me much more clearly. My ego had a hard time with it for a while but my mind was stronger.

We try to divide ourselves into groups from the very beginning. We try to belong somewhere. Only then, we are perfectly classified with a role and function. We are no longer creative. We have a process to follow and copy. Everything is great until we are to find deeper meaning.
… Why am I here?

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