What We Do

We are all about transformational coaching. Junifyh Coaching is a structural process of increasing awareness through thinking with the assistance of a coach for the purpose of positive changes.


Everything we are aware of and everything we are able to realize.


In Junifyh Coaching, we use functions such as considering, feeling, but also thinking. A person is able to start observing, has the ability to consider options, and has the courage to step out practically into what he/she could only dream about before.

Why coaching?

Coaching turns a person’s attention from the outer world to the inner self. People become “themselves.” Our potential grows and we are able to accomplish more. We become more free in making our decisions. The quality of our life increases.

“Hidden knowledge lies within.”


Business Coaching

Find your answers to growth, start of your business or any kind of problem. Coaching is for new firms, entrepreneurs or firms which have been on the job market for a long time.

Strategic planning, networking, discovering motivation, higher effectivity and productivity, etc.

Life Coaching

A change will not come in the future unless something changes now. Change your life according to your dreams!

Fulfilment of personal goals and relationships, clarification of priorities, discovering one’s purpose, victory over procrastination, increasing self-confidence, etc.

Pro Bono Coaching

We also help those who cannot afford coaching financially. This service is limited and to get in touch with a coach may take up to a few weeks.

Send us an email to info@junifyh.com about why you should be chosen.

Team Coaching

This coaching is hepful for teams, groups or bigger units of people. A frequency and a process depends on requirement that suits the best to the working team. 

Team coaching can be good for example – improving team relationships, communication, group atmosphere, motivation.

Coaching possibilities

Situational Coaching

60-minute session to solve a dilemma with real action for a real change (£50 including VAT).

Transformational Coaching

There are more kinds of financing with this programme. You can choose from a common one-time payment or divide it into instalments. Price is individual and is based on a mutual agreement between the client and a coach.

Transformational Coaching in Brief

  • Coaching focusing on you
  • Team work with coach
  • 12 sessions each last 60 minutes
  • Strategies and action steps towards achieving set goals
  • Trustworthiness, equality, openness
  • Coaching through phone / Skype (without camera)
  • Privacy

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